Astro-Image-Processing Training, St-Luc (Switzerland)

Astro-Image-Processing training dedicated to Nightscapes and Timelaps with Jean-Luc Dauvergne (Scientific Journalist specialized in Astronomy) and Stéphane Vetter. This training took place at the OFXB observatory in St-Luc, Switzerland.


Exceptional encounter with NASA Astronaut Edgar Mitchell

I have been invited to a special conference by a colleague of mine. Thank to Raphaël Domjan (the guy who made the first around the world with solar energy PlanetSolar), I had the possibility to personally meet NASA Astronaut Edgar Mitchell (Lunar Module pilot of Apollo 14).
A privileged encounter with NASA Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who walked on the surface of the Moon in 1971 during the Apollo 14 mission.

Astro-Image-Processing Training, La Grande Garenne (France)

A special training dedicated to Solar/Lunar/Planetary imaging. A lot of new tips learned thanks to our teachers Thierry Legault, Christian Viladrich and Jean-Baptiste Grillet.

Thierry Legault explaining some tips for solar acquisition.


We also planned a visit to the Nançay Radio Telescope.

New Skin for the SoldatiSpace Observatory Website

After a very long period since the last post, it was time for a come back. So you will find the SoldatiSpace Observatory Website in a new look. Some technical features have been added. The new website will now automatically adapt the content to the size of your screen. That will increase the ease of navigation when looking with a smartphone. Hope you will enjoy! Thank you for looking!